Farmhouse Oak
Farmhouse Oak
Farmhouse Oak
Farmhouse Oak

Farmhouse Oak

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Farmhouse Oak, A traditionally rustic style with idyllic tones.
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Fresh contemporary tones
Striking accent colour
Minimalistic styling

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    Discover Classics.
    A blend of British style and sophistication. Large plank, textured timber designs bring the enduring realism of wood into your home in a stunning, durable and low maintenance luxury floor.

    Technical Data Sheet Downloads:
    > Classics
    > Studio Designs Gluedown
    > Studio Designs Click
    > Metro
    > Woodlands
    > Stones
    > Stones Ultra
    > Complete Set

    Quick comparison:
    Gluedown Luxury Vinyl Flooring
    All of our flooring products are rated R10 slip resistance and have lifetime domestic guarantees*

    Collection Thickness Wear Layer Size Bevel
    Classics 3mm 0.5mm 177.8x1219.2mm No
    Studio Designs Large Plank 2.5mm 0.55mm 184.1x1219.2mm Yes
    Studio Designs Herringbone 2.5mm 0.55mm 114.3x609.6mm Yes
    Metro Accents 2mm 0.3mm 177.8x1219.2mm No
    Metro Trends Wide 2mm 0.3mm 228x1219.2mm No
    Metro Trends Herringbone 2mm 0.3mm 114.3x609.6mm No
    Woodlands 2mm 0.3mm 177.8x1219.2mm No
    Stones 2mm 0.3mm 304.8x457.2mm No
    Stones Ultra 2.5mm 0.55mm 304.8x457.2mm Yes

    Rigid Core Click Fit Flooring
    5.5mm total thickness consists of 4.5mm Core, 1mm built-in Acoustic Underlay

    Collection Thickness Wear Layer Size Bevel
    Studio Designs Large Plank CLICK 5.5mm 0.55mm 176.6x1210mm Yes

    *Subject to terms

     Watch our video guide for tips on how to care for your Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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