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Design strips, also known as decorative strips or feature strips, are a popular addition to luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring to enhance its overall appearance. These strips are thin, flexible pieces that are typically made of vinyl and come in various complimentary colours.

Your can use these strips to style your flooring with exciting bespoke patterns and creative designs for a unique, personalised finish - all you need is the concept and highly skilled fitters.

Examples below care of instagram @pdmfloors & @wellingtonflooring

Here's how design strips enhance the look of your Brampton Chase flooring:

  1. Definition and Realism: Our flooring mimics the look of natural materials like wood or stone. Design strips are used to create realistic grout lines or separation between individual tiles or planks for an authentic look.
  2. Customisation: Design strips offer a range of different colours, allowing you to create personalised patterns or borders, making your LVT flooring stand out.
  3. Visual Impact: Design strips break up the large surface area of the flooring, adding visual interest and focal points to the room.
  4. Seamless Transitions: Design strips can be used as transition pieces between different flooring surfaces, providing a clean and cohesive look.

Design strips allow you to create unique designs, mimic the look of traditional flooring materials, and elevate the overall aesthetics of your space. Combine these benefits with exciting flooring layouts and colour choices to put a personal stamp on your interior space.

Here are a few layout ideas...

Stones - Brick-bond

Traditional stone tile layout, with complimentary colour designs strips used to create grout effect.

Stones - Offset

Another popular stone tile layout offering a more contemporary style. Designs strips add the realistic grout finish.

Wood - Ships Decking

Created by laying lengths of flooring planks, wall to wall, separated by lengths of a contrasting design strip.

Wood or Stone - Border

Frame the room with a wide border, then use design strips to create a contrasting keyline detail. Lay the inner flooring on a angle for greater effect.

Double Tramline

Similar to the border, but with the addition of second contrasting design strip colour that is used to create the double line effect.


Achieved by fitting the flooring in a traditional herringbone pattern, with design strips being used between each row for definition and eyecatching style.