Guarantee Terms & Conditions

Subject to our terms and conditions set out in the document below Brampton Chase guarantees the products listed will not ‘wear out’ from normal foot traffic. Our floors will be repaired or replaced with the same or similar product free of charge. ‘Wear out’ means the removal of the pattern / colour of the flooring caused by removal of the protective wear layer.

Product – Brampton Stones
Residential – Lifetime*
Commercial – 10 years

Product – Brampton Classics
Residential – Lifetime*
Commercial – 15 years

Product – Brampton UltraCore
Residential – Lifetime*
Commercial – 15 years

*Residential applications (Domestic environment)

Warranty Conditions

Please note, to qualify you must register your purchase online at within 6 months of purchase and agree to maintain your floor as set out in our ‘caring for your floor’ guidelines.
Please note that a claim relating to a manufacturing defect must be notified to us within 6 months of the product being installed.
Your Brampton Chase flooring must be installed in accordance of the standard for installation of resilient flooring BS8203 by a suitably qualified fitter. All subfloor preparation must be installed under the same expectations.
The floor is installed in the correct location (domestic / commercial) and regularly maintained with approved cleaning products
All necessary precautions have been taken to prevent heavy point loading, surface scratching, scuffing etc. Please refer to care guidelines.

Warranty Exclusions

Damage caused by stains, spillages, excessive heat, indentation, flood or other natural disasters. Damage from corrosives for example acids and alkaline substances.
Damage / Fading caused by exposure to sunlight or excessive heat
Scratches and Scuffs (our floors are not scratch resistant)
Damage caused by items being dropped, dragged etc and poor maintenance and abrasion for example unprotected chair legs, spiked heals etc.
Issues that stem from incorrect installation. Including incorrect use of non-recommended adhesives, floor preparation materials, underfloor heating issues, and improper subfloor preparation.
Issues arising from moisture problems, in these instances the recommended DPM systems should be used.

Cleaning Information

Please follow our recommended cleaning procedure with our own cleaning products available from all reputable Brampton Chase retailers. Details available on our website

Batch Variations

Brampton Chase cannot guarantee batch matching unless the entire quantity needed is purchased at the same time.

Using your warranty

If in the unlikely event of needing to exercise your rights and a product dispute arises please contact us via the contact details provided on our website
If you floor is found to be fitted as per our guidelines and your complaint is valid we will replace your flooring with the same or equivalent Brampton Chase product free of charge.

We will require information that relates to the purchase of you flooring including, invoice copy, subfloor and adhesive information if necessary, in some instances we may require samples for inspection, photographic evidence of the issues etc.

We reserve the right to inspect your installation and in some cases with a qualified 3rd party inspection authority to confirm findings if necessary.

This guarantee / warranty does not affect your statutory rights.