Caring for your
Brampton Chase Flooring

Our Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Planks are amazingly durable, hard wearing and easy to care for. Specialist surface treatments offer extremely strong wear layers which help protect against day to day living, pets, spills and more. Your flooring will look great for years with just a little TLC. By following some simple steps and using the right products you’ll keep your floor looking superb and performing to it’s maximum effect.

Your flooring in safe hands
Your Brampton Chase luxury floor is covered by a Manufacturing Guarantee. Register your warranty to ensure we have all necessary details  The period of cover depends upon the range that has been purchased and whether it’s a domestic or commercial installation. If you find a fault with your flooring please get in touch with the retailer that you purchased it from.

Cleaning and care instructions
Important: Do not use a steam cleaner of any type.
 These are not recommended for our floors, the intense heat can damage the composite structure and surface protection layer of your floor.

  • Apply felt protection pads to the base of furniture which sits directly on the flooring.
  • Use load bearing castors where appropriate.
  • Avoid sliding or dragging furniture or other heavy objects along the floor.
  • Knock off dirt, grit and moisture from shoes by making sure you have adequate entrance matting.
  • Sweep regularly with a soft brush.
  • Avoid overusing cleaners. Poor diluting or excessive use can build up a residue on the floor surface over time. Also too much cleaning solution can breakdown the PU protection layer and dull the finish of your floor.
  • Do not use any cleaners or detergents that are bleach based or industrial strength.
  • Mop up spills as soon as possible to reduce risks of slipping or staining.
  • Keep animal claws trimmed and manicured.

Day to Day Cleaning There are a plethora of cleaning products available for all types of floors, we only recommend using the Dr Schutz Luxury Vinyl Tile Cleaner (R1000) in conjunction with their complete care kit. This has everything you need to care for and protect your Brampton Chase floor.

General Cleaning Guidance
1) Sweep well with a soft brush to gather and remove dust and fluff.
2) Gently vacuum around using the correct soft attachment. It’s important to clear any grit of rough dust to avoid the risk of dragging it when mopping.
3) Follow the instructions on how best to dilute the cleaner so not to leave excess residue. Mop with a soft headed cleaner and remove any excess liquid.
4) Allow to dry. If you see any residue this can be gently buffed out with a soft cloth

Strip Back and Refresh
An easy way to maximise the longevity of your floor and ensure that it is maintained correctly for sustained protection is through the Dr Schutz clean and strip. The basics are outlined below:

  1. Dr Schutz cleaning kits include a ‘clean and strip’ solution which strips back any previously applied protective solutions.
  2. Once the floor is stripped back and dry you then apply the Dr Schutz 'Floor Mat' solution (as per the product guidelines) to cover your floor in a new protective layer. All of our products are manufactured with a matt finish,  but if you'd prefer a shiny more gloss finish then you can apply 'Floor Shine' instead of 'Floor Mat'

We recommend Dr Schutz Care Kits
These kits feature all the essentials you need for taking care of your vinyl tile flooring. Dr Schutz are an international brand leader in floor care, providing specialist products tailored to work with specific floor types. Buy now